The best wellness centre in Levico Terme

A caressing, immersive experience for body and mind

Not simply a spa, but a real temple of well-being. Our wellness centre in Levico Terme will take you, step by step, on an incredibly effective journey between experiential, massage and aesthetic treatments based on medicinal herbs. In addition, sensory stimulation, calming paths, body and face massages with expert manual skills, hay baths and much more! In the Beauty Centre of the Hotel Al Sorriso Greenpark & Wellness on the shores of Lake Levico, operators specialized in wellness will accompany you on a path of  total regeneration.

A massage menu tailored to your needs

Each of us has particular pain points, tension to dissolve, and energy blockages. In our wellness centre in Levico Terme, you can choose the treatments that best suit your needs. Choose from revitalizing, draining, anti-stress, experiential, total body or targeted massages, from current trends or ancient techniques such as Thai massage and Lomi-Lomi.

Hay baths, no more tension or joint pain

In our valleys, the hay bath is considered a panacea for combating joint pain and can be a valuable ally in slimming, anti-stress and detoxifying therapies. In the wellness centre, you can immerse yourself in a revitalized bed of hay, cut with a sickle in the meadows of Vetriolo and dried on the spot. Hay does not undergo chemical treatments and does not cause allergies to flowers or pollen.

Zero gravity for total physical and mental relaxation

Cancel the effect of gravity, indulge in the gently massaging action of the water mattress, and relax your mind with chromo therapy. While you are lying on the Zerobody bed, the water lightly laps your body with a constant and harmonious rhythm. Achieve deep relaxation through the synergistic action of music, essences dispersed in the air and the sequence of colours.


Sound therapy to gently dissolve tension

The vibrations emitted by Tibetan bells are used in sound therapy because of the variety, duration and purity of harmonic sounds. The frequencies propagate as small waves inside the body and help restore a subtle balance, dissolve anxiety and emotional tension, stimulate vital energy, improve concentration, and synchronize the left and right hemispheres of the brain.


Lava stones, an ancient toning and detox method

The lava stone massage concentrates on microcirculation, nourishes and tones the tissues, and has a detoxifying effect. In muscle treatments, the application of hot lava stones alternates with cold marble stones on the energy chakras. The alternation of hot and cold stimulates the circulatory system with a double vasodilating and vasoconstricting effect. In this way, cells receive more oxygen and toxins are eliminated from the body.