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Wellness in Hotel

Our Hotel in Levico Terme is the right place for you - sure! Just like wellness equals being in good shape

Come and test your sensoriality at the wellness centre at Hotel Al Sorriso Greenpark & Wellness in Levico Terme.

Wellness first


We are different from many other facilities, as our wellness centre was specially created for such purpose. In fact, the interiors were designed before building the exterior.  


The area was hence constructed according to green building principles (wood and stone) so that it would also seamlessly blend in with, and open onto, the splendid, vast lakeside garden, letting in all the fragrance of its flowers.

Our wellness area includes:

  • Outdoor solarium
  • Cardio workout gym and table tennis
  • Relax area and herbal tea counter
  • The King's cradle, with water beds, aromatherapy, chromotherapy and soft music 
  • 250 sq m heated salt water (28°-30°) swimming pool with hydromassage area and water features. Water depth: 140 cm; maximum length 16.60 metres
  • Thermarium

Choose the wellness option right for you

Swimming pool and hydromassage


An indoor swimming pool, but drenched in sunshine, coated in white quartzite, where you can swim or indulge surrounded by water and air jets, or simply get carried away by underwater sounds.  Through the large glass doors connecting the swimming pool to the garden and the park you can catch a glimpse of Lake Levico.

Piscina e idromassaggio, Area wellness del Hotel al Sorriso

Turkish bath


A treatment in a closed environment in which relative humidity is extremely high (90 to 100%). Inside temperature ranges from 40 to 60°C and increases from the lowest to the highest level.


Turkish bath beneficial effects include: blood vessel dilation, which improves blood circulation; deep skin cleansing and purification; nervous system improvement by reducing stress.

Bagno turco, Area wellness del Hotel al Sorriso

Roman sauna


Cabin temperature 65°- 80°C. A true, red-hot sweat bath.  Enhanced sweating triggers natural, effective, body detox.  You should not stay in the sauna more than 35-40 minutes; each different sauna session must be followed by a break, with a refreshing shower or a dip in the pool.

Sauna romana, Area wellness del Hotel al Sorriso

Finnish Sauna


Finnish Sauna is a traditional North European hygiene and fitness practice performed since time immemorial and still important in daily routine. 

  1. Before each session it is advisable to take a refreshing shower 
  2. Sit on the bench in the sauna, allowing your bare skin to perspire.   Pour water from the bucket onto the red-hot stones at regular intervals to generate steam and increase body perspiration. 
  3. Leave the sauna (wearing your costume), have a dip in the pool or  a cold shower and, if you feel like it,  swim  
  4. Go back into the sauna for the second session
  5. Leave the sauna and thoroughly wash your body with cold water
  6. Relax around 20 minutes in an airy room, drink  tea or fruit juice
Sauna finlandese, Area wellness del Hotel al Sorriso

Kneipp trail


According to Kneipp therapy, each person is an indissoluble combination of soul and body. Hydrotherapy is based on thermal and mechanic effects.
The nervous system conveys the stimuli perceived at skin level inside the body, stimulating the immune system, influencing gastric and hormone secretion and reinforcing the cardiovascular system.
Heat calms and soothes the body, slowing down the activity of the internal organs.  On the contrary, cold stimulates and invigorates, enhancing internal activity.
Alternating heat and cold reduce stress and stimulate body and mind.

Percorso Kneipp, Area wellness del Hotel al Sorriso

The King's cradle


Introducing the exclusive room with 37 C° water beds immersed in a relaxing blue setting.
The "starry sky" that changes colour, the apple scented room and soft music make the most comfortable atmosphere for unwinding totally.

Culla del re, Area wellness del Hotel al Sorriso

Aromatic showers


Ideal after a sauna or Turkish bath session. Surrounded by colourful lights, your body is massaged by a deluge of nebulised aromatic water droplets that give your skin an energized and scented feeling.

Docce aromatizzate, Area wellness del Hotel al Sorriso

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