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The Valsugana

Valsugana, where life rediscovers its natural pace

Who loves holidays in Trentino picks Valsugana when they need to reclaim their space and restore their vital pace. 


Some of the things that make our area so special:

Food and wine tourism


From charcutery (lucanica and carne salada above all) to cheese from the mountain huts (malghe), like celebrated Vezzena; from apples to strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, to the famous   Parampoli that warms up Valsugana's nights: there are so many short supply chain and locally sourced products. The nice thing is that you can find them at local producers, and enjoy all the forgotten, authentic...taste of holidays in Trentino!

Turismo enogastronomico in Valsugana, Hotel al Sorriso

Nature & Beauty


In Valsugana you are surrounded by a setting that makes you appreciate life as you would with a precious gift.   The great walks in the woods, the meadows, the mountains are ideal for freeing your mind.



Val di Sella valley is evidence of how art must completely blend in with nature. We want you to visit this enchanted place - situated along the forest road in the Borgo Valsugana area (Mount Armentera south face) - where you will see incredible sculptures made of wood, stone, leaves and branches, perfectly integrated in the context hosting them.

escursionista nella natura con il cane, Valsugana Hotel al Sorriso

Local initiatives


There is always so much going on, like the Adotta una mucca (Adopt a cow) programme: by donating a small fee you will pay for keeping a cow on the alpine meadows all summer long and you can go and visit her in her malga (mountain hut). We are sure she will reciprocate with fresh products, full of Valsugana flavour!

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