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Terme of Levico

When health is as iron!

At Hotel Al Sorriso you can spend the best Spa holiday ever, as Levico and Vetriolo waters are endowed with remarkable qualities, able to cure several pathologies.  

All Spa treatments and cures are administered at the Stabilimento Termale (Spa Establishment) in Via Vittorio Emanuele, situated just 8oo metres away from the hotel.

The only spring of its kind in Italy and one of the very few in Europe


Acqua Forte (the only water used for therapeutic purposes) and Acqua Debole mineral waters springs are situated over 1500 metres ASL. They are filtered by mineral deposits rich in iron, sulphate, copper and arsenic before crystallizing in the ancient mining tunnels and being diverted to the Spa.

Terme di Levico

Terme di Levico water treatments


No panic: the slight percentage of arsenic contained by Acqua Forte is just right for providing a therapeutic effect; there is nothing to worry about.   The other minerals help achieving remarkable results when treating stress and anxiety related disorders, gynaecological and arthrorheumatic problems, diseases of the respiratory tract and dermatological affections.

Special National Health Service agreement


If you suffer from one of these pathologies ask your GP to prescribe a treatment cycle and come and stay at Hotel Al Sorriso in Trentino to restore your balance.
In fact, Levico and Vetriolo Spas have a special agreement with the National Health Service, which means looking after yourself on holiday is even more enjoyable and cheaper.

Terme di Levico

Provided treatments include:

  • arthrorheumatic diseases (balneotherapy and mud therapy)
  • diseases of the lower respiratory tract (inhalations, aerosol, ionic aerosol and pulmonary ventilation)
  • ear nose and throat and upper respiratory tract diseases (inhalations, nasal irrigation, micronized nasal showers and  sonic aerosol)
  • gynaecological pathologies (vaginal douches)
  • dermatological diseases (balneotherapy)

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Levico all year round: the right occasion at the right time

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